Recovery at Home Ireland work in conjunction with Ireland’s health services, we can offer Speech And Language Therapist Home Visits.

Speech And Language Therapist Home Visit

Our network of healthcare professionals and specialists includes speech and language therapists that are available for home visits across Ireland. Recovery at Home Ireland works in partnership with the HSE and private practice speech and language therapists, to offer the very best therapy to both children and adults nationwide.
There are numerous advantages to conducting speech and language sessions in a home. Individuals may not be able to travel long distances. Some children may also be more comfortable conducting sessions in a familiar environment rather than in a clinic.
Home sessions can also include the rest of the family, allowing individual family members to gain a better understanding of the conditions and challenges associated with speech issues.

For additional information on how our healthcare servicse can facilitate a Speech And Language Therapist Home Visit, please contact us today.

Speech And Language Therapist Home Visit FAQ

  • I would like Recovery at Home Ireland to help facilitate a Speech And Language Therapist Home Visit. How do I join?

    The most efficient method of beginning the joining process is to contact us today on 0818888444. Our professional and knowledgeable customer service team will talk you through our processes. They can also answer any questions you may have.

  • Will my current Speech And Language Therapist be part of the Recovery at Home Ireland Whole-System Health Care Provision network?

    Our network is ever-expanding, and we have Speech And Language Therapists from all over Ireland. However, there is no guarantee that individual therapists will be part of our network.