About Recovery at Home Ireland

Recovery at Home Ireland join traditional nursing values with the very latest innovative techniques and methods to support safe healthcare services, delivered within secure and familiar surroundings of your own home.

Our aim is to provide excellent nurse led health and social care at all times, reduce unnecessary hospital admissions or readmissions, and deliver high quality care to even the most complex care requirements outside of the acute hospital.

Our Vision

Sustainable, ethical, innovative and cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Our Mission

To develop and deliver an integrated approach to healthcare, linking primary, secondary and where necessary tertiary care resulting in better patient outcomes at a substantially lower cost.

Benefits of Recovery at Home Ireland

Reduce Pressure on Acute Beds

Recovery at Home Ireland has the capacity to treat some of Ireland’s most prevalent chronic diseases outside of the secondary and tertiary hospital environment, and thus significantly reduce the annual level of unnecessary hospital admittances.

Reduce Waiting Lists

In addition to providing much needed system capacity, our estimate is that our facilities will reduce the length of in-patient treatment by approximately 40% overall and reduce relapses by 30%-50% depending on condition.

Improve Service Access

Overuse and inappropriate use of medical services causes the costs of those services to rise, which inevitably causes a shortfall of services for other patients. We will treat the right patient in the right setting creating improved access for all.

Reduce Cost of Care

Our integrated care approach allows for a greater sophistication of triage which can help to reduce unnecessary procedures and investigations and treats each patient in the most appropriate and cost-effective setting.

Reduce Risk of Overruns

Fee-for-service is the lowest risk model for a healthcare funder when addressing a specific procedure. However, it is also the most inefficient system of payment for an overall care cycle as it rewards short-term episodic care at the expense of long-term solutions. We can change this with our integrated approach.

Local Economic Impact

We will provide the population of Swords and North County Dublin with a bespoke health and well-being campus at no capital cost to the State while investing in the community and providing local employment during build and day-to-day running. For every €1 spend, there is a multiplying effect of almost €3 return.

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