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Home From the Hospital Recovery Services

From the moment you're ready to return home, to the time you're back on your feet, we provide the support, planning, and nursing care you need to recover quickly and comfortably in your own home.


Our team will meet you and your family in hospital, to help deal with all the arrangements for your discharge; assessment; planning your care and transport to your home. Your Personal Nursing Assistant will be there to meet you when you arrive home, help you settle in and talk through the support you need.


Our short 3 - 5 day, recovery service is the most effective, affordable way to help you to recover quickly and settle back into your own home after your hospital stay. Our staff will call in as often as you need us each day; and are only a phone call away in case of emergencies.

We offer a range of healthcare services from personal support to intensive nursing care from just a single hourly visit to 24 hour care, and included is the provision of our telehealth service including monitoring your vital signs, pulse, blood pressure and pulse oximetry.

Recovery at Home Ireland’s patient services includes:

  • Monitoring of Long Term Conditions

  • Nursing Care from Hospital Discharge

  • Social Care from Hospital Discharge

  • Live In Nursing and Social Care

  • Palliative/End of Life Care

  • Complex Healthcare

  • Holiday, Personal and Social Care

  • Social Companionship

  • Home Again Service

  • Home Hospital Service

  • Nursing Home Service

  • Home Crisis Service

  • Home Start Service

  • Telehealth Service

  • Home Confidence Service

  • Personal Health Care Budgets

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Older Peoples Services

The Care Pathway

Contact us now, anytime of the day or night, to arrange a visit to discuss your needs or those of a loved one. Speak to one of our friendly personal support partners for further information.

Who's it for?

We help patients with:

  • Severe infections – such as meningitis, endocarditis, urology infections

  • Failure of oral therapy - cellulitis

  • Deep seated infection - abscess

  • Nil by mouth (unable to eat or drink)

  • No oral alternative- some multi-drug resistant infections

  • Diuretic therapy – heart failure patients

  • Diabetic foot patients


We accept referrals from GPs, Acute Hospital Teams and Private Consultants. Please email referrals@RAH.IE

Our Healthcare Hub and Virtual Ward

The Virtual Ward operates in the same way as a normal hospital ward, the difference is the patient stays comfortably and safely in their own home. The service is for patients who are at risk of emergency hospitalisation which can be avoided by a more coordinated and collaborative case management approach by their GP, Community Nurse, specialist nurses or Community Teams such as Physio, Occupational therapy, Speech and Language Therapy.
People are admitted and discharged from the Virtual Ward whilst they are at home. This is a number of named patients who are being proactively case managed or targeted to prevent deterioration in condition or home circumstances to prevent a hospital admission. The referral we accept are as follows:

  • Patients on extreme frailty list

  • Palliative patients

  • Frequent or multiple admissions

  • Complex medical conditions

  • Supporting complex discharges

  • Patients requiring coordinated care management.

The virtual ward helps to formalize and strengthen the relationships between multi disciplinary teams and therefore significantly improves the coordination of community care around an individual patient or a patient population.
At the core of the Community Resource Team is the patients General Practitioner, the RAHI Nurse Case Manager and the practice based Social Care worker.  This team will enable a strong multidisciplinary approach focussing on the maintenance of the more complex cases in the community and coordinating care management. The purpose of a Community Resource Team is to:

  • Avoid preventable admissions

  • Support discharge

  • Chronic condition management

  • Enhanced preparation for scheduled care

  • Enhanced medicine management

  • Enhanced local access to diagnostic and treatment

  • Active rehabilitation

The GP, RAHI Nurse and Social Care Worker have a regular “ward round” where they discuss and assess the patients on the virtual ward. In line with the principles of prudent healthcare, the most appropriate professional will attend the specific needs of the patient, and coordinate with the wider multi disciplinary teams. This greatly improves the quality of care and patient outcomes and eliminates any duplication.
There is a weekly multi-disciplinary team where patients on the frailty register are discussed and teamwork is evaluated. The wider multi-disciplinary team meetings reach out to specialist services and the third sector. This has helped us to seamlessly coordinate and join-up all the efforts within our community for improved patient experiences.

Patients in our virtual ward are often fitted with remote monitoring devices. These tools allow the team to have instant access to a patient’s vital signs including diabetes monitoring etc. These devices are monitored though our healthcare hub and alerts are acted on and managed to ensure patient care is proactively managed. In addition, the system allows the team to communicate to our patients though video link and also provides text and email reminders to patients regarding medications or appointments.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you in our Virtual Ward.