Recovery at Home Ireland works alongside Ireland’s Health Services Executive and local GPs to offer access to Geriatrician home visits nationwide.

Geriatrician Home Visit

We work in close collaboration with both Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) along with an ever-growing network of local GPs, to offer our senior patients access to Geriatrician home visits.
By utilising the advantages of networking and scale we are one of the few healthcare organisations that can offer quality healthcare options to senior patients all over Ireland.
As part of the Recovery at Home Ireland service, all our senior patients are assigned a personal recovery at home representative who streamlines the scheduling of geriatrician home visits. For the peace of mind of our patients, we also offer a helpline that is available 24 hours a day.
For the very highest standard of geriatrician home visit facilitation in Ireland, contact us today.

For more information on how our service faculties Geriatrician Home visits, please get in contact with our offices.. 

Geriatrician Home Visit FAQ

  • I’d like Recovery at Home Ireland to help facilitate Geriatrician at-home visits, how do I join?

    We make the process of joining as simple and as straightforward as possible. To start the process call us today on 0818888444. A member of our customer service team will talk you through the process.

  • Can I sign up an elderly loved one to Recovery at Home Ireland?

    Yes, we make the process of signing up on behalf of another person as easy and as simple as possible. Please begin by calling us directly on 0818888444. A team member will guide you through the process.