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Welcome to Recovery at Home Ireland

We are a new Irish healthcare provider, set up to provide world-class, accessible, and sustainable care. We are building a new healthcare network all supported by telemedicine that is called our Community Virtual Ward. In our community virtual ward, we provide privately funded Complex care for patients requiring both Health and Social Care Support as well as a National IV service for public patients.


Our philosophy is to bring outstanding standards of Health and Social Care provision to our patients, value-based healthcare to patients and funders whilst working collaboratively with public and private healthcare providers and funders.


Recovery at Home Ireland – Supporting people to receive better Healthcare in the Community.

What’s Different about Recovery at Home Ireland

The challenges of the Irish healthcare system are well known. For the first time, we will provide value-based healthcare services that are truly integrated, accessible, patient-centric, sustainable, and based on internationally-evidenced practice. It’s about the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, underpinned by technology.

Recovery at Home Ireland will offer bundled fees for care pathways (rather than fees per episode of care).
The difference? High Quality, Efficient, Economically Sustainable and Local Healthcare Services

People who use our services can expect better health outcomes and a much better experience. Even in a short time, results are impressive. Patients are getting faster, better access and recovering quicker – at a lower cost. Our model will:

  • Enable patients to have shorter hospital stays, with medical care and support at home, in the community or telemedicine

  • Show that a new operating model is possible to meet health needs effectively

  • Ease the pressure on acute services in particular long waiting lists

  • Provide faster, more equitable access to services for our patients

  • Reduce the overall medical costs for patients and providers through IPUs

Our community services are designed to continue your care when you return home from a healthcare facility. Our network of nurse care and specialist health care services helps individuals recover comfortably at home.

We work with Ireland’s existing healthcare structures to provide high quality nurse led healthcare and social care at all times. Our care models reduce unnecessary hospital admissions or readmissions and can provide for even the most complex care requirements outside of the acute hospital.

By working closely with the HSE, Recovery at Home Ireland can offer Doctor home visits to our patient network. We make scheduling a doctor's home visit easy and stress-free. For additional information, please see our Doctor home visit page.

Recovery at Home Ireland provides patients with a GP clinic that’s located at Eccles street Clinic.

Retirees have specialist care needs. Therfore they will require a home visit from a Geriatrician. Recovery at Home Ireland uses the current HSE structures to make booking a Geriatrician home visit fast and easy. For more information, see our Geriatrician home visit page.

Using our network, Recovery at Home Ireland can provide the highest standard of Occupational Therapist Home visits. If you're recovering from an injury or require ongoing Occupational Therapist care, our network can provide the right therapist for your needs.

Our network of health care professionals includes language and speech therapists. At home speech therapy provides numerous advantages and is a sought-after healthcare service. For more information on how we can offer Speech And Language Therapist Home Visits, please visit our Speech and language page.

For More Information – Get in Touch with the Recovery at Home Ireland Team